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The company has developed and implemented Quality Assurance System. In this context it has received ISO 9001:2008 certification by the Greek classification society for trading,marketing and distributing
 bulk LPG. 

The implementation of this system and the adoption of procedures, actions and activities described in detail in the company's Quality Assurance Manual, supports the overall effort to further upgrade the programming systems, organization, control and security that follows in response to the ever increasing demands of market to improve the quality of products and services offered.

The competent Quality Coordinator, ensures compliance and implementation of directives and Working Procedures of the Company Quality Management Handbook.
It also proposes, for the need to issue / amend / revise the existing guidelines, with a view to quality, in the broadest sense, in all phases of the processes within the Company.
The Quality Coordinator always cooperates with the Directorate-General and individual directors in order to solve problems, to define the powers and responsibilities between the involved and issues new instructions if necessary.

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GS Gas S.A. fully conforms with all the European Union safety standards and regulations.

For our company the security issues are in the foreground. Some steps in this direction are:

         Quality inspection and assessment of gas cartridges during and after the manufacturing process

         Regular maintenance program for vehicles / tanks

         Regular inspection of bottles after bottling for leaks

         Bottles Certification decade after the end of the construction and recertification when required

         Scheduled regular tank maintenance both on-site and in the tanks installed on customers

         All safety standards in facilities (e.g. markings, fire systems, etc.).

         Keeping safety systems at bottling (special cap for bottles, a special sleeve with serial number)

         Storage facilities

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