1. GS Gas cartridge 190g
    GS Gas cartridge 190g
  2. GS Gas cartridge 500g
    GS Gas cartridge 500g
  1. Private label gas cartridge
    Private label gas cartridge
  2. Private label tube type gas cartridge
    Private label tube type gas cartridge

GS Gas S.A. is a greek LPG trading and distributing company which exports gas cartridges all over the world under strict quality and safety standards.

The company offers a wide range of high quality products such as:

                GS Gas cartridges (190g and 500g)

                Private label gas cartridges (all shapes,sizes and types)

                Appliances (Gas stoves)


  1. GS Gas Stove for 190g
    GS Gas stove for 190g gas cartridges
  2. GS Gas Stove with Automatic Ignition
    GS Gas stove with automatic ignition for threaded gas cartridges

Our Advantages

Competitive prices

Customer-oriented approach

Flexibility & Reliability

Worldwide services

Products which fully conform with the EU standards